Alumnus of the Week; Mechanical Engineer, Patrick Mudaki

When you hear the title Mechanical Engineer, you automatically think cars…The grease covered overalls, the popped hoods, yeah anything pretty much associated with vehicle repairs and assembly.

Turns out this discipline of Engineering is much much broader than we thought.

It also covers structural aspects as well.

What are these you ask?

That air conditioning you enjoy while in boardrooms attending meetings from morning to time t, they incorporate that into the plans of the building..

You are welcome.

Meet Mechanical Engineer Patrick Gilwoni, this week’s Alumnus of the Week. We get to find out how he ended up choosing this profession and what he’s been up to since graduating in 2008.

  1.      Who are you and what do you do professionally?

I am Patrick Mudaki Gilwoni, an open minded and hardworking person, father of two wonderful children (as of now). I am also one who likes meeting people of diverse beliefs and backgrounds.

I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession, currently working at GIS Tech Engineering Services.

  1.      When did you join JKUAT?

I joined JKUAT in April 2003.

What did you study?

I Studied B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering.

Why did you choose this particular program?

I had an interest in vehicles way before I joined Campus. I used to see Mechanics work on repairing vehicles and I would accompany them and assist where possible with the simple jobs. By then I didn’t know how diverse Mechanical Engineering was; it was so much more than just cars.

  1.      How did you hear about JKUAT?

I heard about the University from friends. They told me that the university offered good programs and was in partnership with JICA (Japanese International Cooperation Agency). I always wanted to be in the best campus where I would get adequate knowledge needed to advance my career and I found that here.

  1.      What gave JKUAT the competitive edge for you to make it your University of Choice?

The advancement in technology of the University definitely gave it the competitive edge and the reputation the University has in the country in terms of engineering sold me on it instantly. JKUAT is well known by many as the University of Technology.

  1.      What was your learning experience at JKUAT in terms of:
  • Quality of training.

The campus has adequate staff (lecturers) who understand their craft really well. What also matters when it comes to learning is the attitude of students towards the whole experience. They should be willing to embrace it all.

  • Training equipment, resources and facilities.

The university has a ton of resources available at the Department and the Library. The campus has many engineering workshops from motor vehicle, foundry, material laboratories, Thermodynamics Laboratories, Fluid Dynamics Labs and machine workshop equipped with several machines. I enjoyed my practical sessions.

  • Support offered by lecturers in and out of the classroom environment:

The lecturers in our Department were readily available for consultation especially during project work in the final year of study. Students handled different projects, sometimes in pairs as part of the course work. The scope of work for our studies was huge and I believe the main aim was to open our mind to what we would expect after campus.

  • Practical training.

The practical sessions conducted helped us better understand the principles taught in the classroom.

  1.      Were you involved say in sports, or other activities outside your academic pursuits?

I regularly enjoyed playing football in the evenings with fellow classmates.

  1.      Based on your experience in JKUAT and your life today, would you say the training your received at the university has contributed in any way to your success? If so, in what ways?

Yes, it has.

The education I received from JKUAT was diverse and as a result of this, I got numerous skills. One of them being the use of AutoCAD; I’m able to design systems for Plumbing, Drainage, Air conditioning, Mechanical ventilation, Fire Fighting, Compressed air, Boilers etc. using this particular software.

  1.      Where do you see yourself five years from now, career wise?

I have worked in the building services sector on projects since 2008. As a result, I now have 8 years’ experience in Mechanical building services design and supervision.

Five years from now I will have registered as a Professional Engineer.

Considering the projects I have done, I would like to start my own company/form a partnership with a fellow professional engineer with the purpose of providing mechanical design solutions for all, even internationally through the networks I will have developed.

  1.      Would you recommend the course undertaken at JKUAT to anyone else?

I don’t particularly believe in telling others to do what I did. I prefer giving them the opportunity to get to hear about what I did then they can make an informed decision and choose to pursue what they are passionate about. That will help them discover themselves.

  1.  Parting shot?

Nothing is impossible, we all need to have an open and positive mindset. Trust and believe in God.  Mistakes are normal, make as many of them as possible but, be sure to learn from them.



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  • October 28, 2016 at 3:59 pm

    Good articles seeing how fellow alumni are doing. I’m a consultant at PwC and a Telecommunication an Information Engineering alumni of 2012. Would not mind to share my story and inspire students.

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