Course of the Week Bsc Control and Instrumentation.

This course is offered at JKUAT at the College of Pure and Applied Sciences (COPAS) under the Department of Physics located at New Science Complex. It is a four year course with each year having two semesters. It is also a requirement that students in this field undertake an industrial attachment at their third year of study to enhance their practical skills.  Control and instrumentation involves the study of measurement and control of process variables within a production set up. Such variables include temperature, pressure, humidity, pH, force, torque etc.

In the modern industries, all these parameters are being automated and thus making this field a real deal in realization of our vision 2030 as a nation. Control engineers are therefore mandated with designing and implementation of automatic control systems basically within an industrial set up. The areas studied in this field include basic Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics, control theory, electrical trouble shooting, material testing, electronics, telecommunication, quantum mechanics, modern physics among others.


Entry requirements

KCSE C+ (plus) mean grade, and C+ (plus) in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, and any group III (History and Government OR Geography OR Christian Religious Education/Islamic Religious Education/ Hindu Religious Education),

OR group IV (Home Science OR Art and Design OR Agriculture OR Computer Studies)

OR group V (French OR German OR Music OR Business Studies)

Employers of Control and Instrumentation graduates are:

  • Manufacturing companies.
  • Assembly plants.
  • Freight companies
  • Circuit assembly and simulation companies.

One can as well start up a company be self employed with the gained knowledge.










B.Sc. Control and Instrumentation graduate, Class of 2015.

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    proud to be one of the alumnus,

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    Amazing.!! Proud to be a JKUAT control and Instrumentation graduate.

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    Hi, you can send us a write up on the course and we will be sure to feature it.

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      My course Bsc operational Research has never featured please comrades

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