Course of the Week- B.Sc. Marine Engineering

So much have been said as regards the huge potential of the blue economy. This basically refers to a marine-based economic development that leads to improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. It entails reframing the oceans and water bodies as “Development Spaces” that are subject to spatial planning. Tapping into this huge potential through provision of expertise is the Bachelor of Science Degree in Marine Engineering that is offered in JKUAT’s College of Engineering (COETEC), at the School of Mechanical, Manufacturing and Materials Engineering (SoMMME).

BSc. Marine Engineering, offered at the School’s Department of Marine Engineering and Maritime Operations, is the branch of Engineering which deals with the design, fabrication, manufacture, maintenance and solution of engineering problems of the various engineering systems found on board sea going vessels. These engineering systems include the following; the propulsion units, power plant, the electric power generating units, electronic systems, the pneumatic systems, the hydraulic systems, control systems, the boiler systems, air conditioning and refrigeration systems; and the sewage and disposal systems.

chandler2The Marine Engineer focuses more on mechanical aspects of these systems. Upon studying this course, it is possible to specialize either in Marine systems Engineering or Naval Architecture, which deals with the design and fabrication of sea going vessels. The Marine Engineering programme was developed to meet the prevailing high demand for Marine Engineers and other seafarers in Kenya.  The graduates will have the option of working either onshore or offshore.

Entry Requirements

The following shall be eligible for consideration for admission into the degree programme:

  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) applicants should satisfy all the requirements below: (i) A candidate must have a mean aggregrate of at least grade B – (minus) and
  • (ii) The mean grade for the total score in the four cluster subjects must be at least B(plain) and; (iii) In the individual cluster subjects, a candidate must have at least the scores given below:

Alternative A                                                                 Alternative B

Mathematics C+                                                           Mathematics C+

English or Kiswahili C+                                              English or Kiswahili C+

Physics C+                                                                   Physical Sciences B

Chemistry C+                                                              Biological Sciences C+

Geography or Biology, or C+                                      Geography or C+

Any Group IV subjects                                                Any Group IV subjects


(b) Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE) or the A-level equivalent should satisfy all the requirements below:

(i) At least two principal passes in Mathematics and Physics; and

(ii) At least a total score of nine (9) points at the KACE or equivalent; and

(iii) At least a credit pass in chemistry at the Kenya Certificate of Education (KCE) or its equivalent.

(c) Higher Diploma holders: A candidate holding a Higher Diploma from Kenya National Examination Council shall be admitted into the third year of study.

(d) Diploma applicants: A candidate must be a holder of JKUAT diploma in engineering with at least a credit pass in the relevant discipline. Diploma holders will normally be admitted into the second year of study.

(e) A holder of other qualifications recognized by the Senate as equivalent to a, b, c or d above.

Medical fitness requirements

Due to the nature of the profession, all students to be admitted to this course must also undergo a medical fitness test by a medical practitioner approved by Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA). Only students who are declared medically fit will be admitted to this programme.

Career Opportunities

Careers within the Marine Engineering discipline exists with organizations such as port authorities, the navy, research and teaching institutions, shipping building, ship repair and maintenance, cargo handling services. Jobs available for Marine engineering graduates include but are not limited to the following: Marine equipment specialist, Ship’s engineer, Hydrographic surveyor, Ship design engineer , Marine structural engineer , Marine systems engineer, Marine Engineering lecturer, Marine construction inspector, Shipyard project engineer, Oil rig construction specialist.



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