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It goes without saying that Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology is a trendsetter in higher education, research and innovation. It is even more imperative to note that this is not a subjective opinion, but a simple statement of fact. However, there’s much more to JKUAT than just education, research and innovation, which, summed together, makes the institution a University of superlatives. The Discover JKUAT blog is all about telling the story of JKUAT in totality, about giving credible and comprehensive insight into exactly what makes JKUAT tick; how does JKUAT wake up, how does it spend the day and how does it sleep at night. An interesting and compelling answer to these queries are the sole purpose for this blog.

The Discover JKUAT blog is not an initiative that started today or yesterday, or even last year. This was a noble cause launched more than six years ago to take people through the journey of JKUAT and all that transpires within. The promise of this objective has been held thus far, but now we seek to relaunch and re-energize the same through consistent and comprehensive accounts about this great University. The aim of of this site is to portray a first-hand account and bring to life the unique JKUAT experience by exploring a variety of topics of interest and areas that are instrumental in making the University what it is.

A creative night shot of the JKUAT Hall 7 through the dam view

In conjunction with the University official website, the official University social media platforms, @DiscoverJKUAT on twitter, Discover JKUAT on Facebook, @DiscoverJKUAT on Instagram, Discover JKUAT on flickr, flickr and Discover JKUAT on YouTube, we shall engage you, as well as everyone on whichever part of the globe, on an amazing journey of discovery of JKUAT and the great potential it holds.

The blog will feature both the students’ and administration events and activities that take place within the university as well as any other place, key research activities by staff or students, student affairs, university competitions on areas of research, innovation and creativity as well as general topics of interest to the society. The blog shall also profile a detailed accounts of the university alumni, telling their stories, what they currently do and how they got to where they are, in a bid to be an eye-opener to current students. To this end the blog shall publish weekly, on every Wednesday, a segment christened ‘Alumnus/Alumna of the Week’.

This platform shall also provide the much needed information about what JKUAT has to offer both academically, socially and even economically. With an interesting insight on the courses offered in the University, to the learning process and students accounts of their experiences, all the way to a compelling look into what transpires in JKUAT clubs and societies, sporting activities and literally, everything JKUAT. We welcome you to come aboard this noble and productive venture, we welcome you to be part of the best.

And guess what’s even better? You get to be part of it! Are you a JKUAT student, staff, parent or in any way affiliated to the University? Or are you a stakeholder or part of the esteemed JKUAT publics? If you are, you’re welcome to contribute to this blog! Yes, you can write an article on a relevant topic on anything related to JKUAT, whether your experience, opinion or anything interesting you think the the world should know about JKUAT. The article should not be more than 500 words, and should be emailed to

Now, let’s do this, shall we?

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