Reflections of a Graduand; The experience of studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering in JKUAT

Godfrey Munene Njagi is just your regular guy; simple, social, hardworking and of course smart.

Godfrey Njagi

He is a huge fan of technology and each day he always looks for ways to change the world through innovation. He is also a follower of Jesus Christ and compassionate especially for the less fortunate in the society.

Bilqis Ndirangu loves the outdoors but not crowded places.  She is an adept reader and a keen observer of the human behavior with an interest in understanding who people are.

Bilqis Ndirangu
Bilqis Ndirangu

She seems to be a little more interested in healthy living than the average Joe. Then of course there’s the electrical engineer that she trained to be.

Stephen Mathu Muturi completes this lot of brainiacs.

Stephen Mathu
Stephen Mathu

They all joined JKUAT with the hopes of joining the elite Engineering workforce in Kenya upon completion of their degree.

Not just any other ordinary Engineers, Electrical Engineers to be precise.

They’ll be part of the many graduands being conferred with degrees this coming November at the 28th Graduation Ceremony.

Congratulations are in order, go out there and shine a very bright light to all (literally).

This is their story on how their experience was studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering, popularly known as Triple E (EEE) for half a decade in JKUAT, the home of Engineers.

  • Why JKUAT as your University of Choice?

Godfrey: JKUAT stands out from other universities in a unique almost mysterious way and of course it’s the ‘’Kenyan MIT’’. I fell in love with JKUAT a long time ago when my elder brother was a student here and I always knew that JKUAT was my undisputed university of choice. So let’s just say because it’s simply a center of excellence.

Stephen: I chose JKUAT because I heard these stories about how a great an institution it is, especially when it came to offering  engineering and technology related courses. I can’t regret that choice whatsoever.

Bilqis: Well, like most engineers would say; it’s for the love of Maths and Physics and I was told JKUAT was the place to be.

  • Why Electrical and Electronics Engineering?

Stephen: Well, I have always had the dream of becoming an engineer since I was a kid, though I was not specific then. As I grew up, I realized that I wanted to explore the broader field of Electrical and Electronics.

Bilqis: I am one who loves a challenge and my ever curious mind wanted to know how electricity really works, how it is made, how it is converted to other forms of energy. I could go on and on about the endless things…

Godfrey: As a kid I always loved opening electronics up to see what’s inside and repair them which always rewarded me with some thorough beating from my mum. I was always curious to know how things worked so after growing up I couldn’t find any better course that would quench my curiosity than EEE so it was an easy choice. I knew this course would equip me with knowledge to create something new and change the world which has always been my life’s agenda.

  • Who in particular made the learning experience worthwhile?

Bilqis: Students are family in campus. They have your back, keep you in check.. make your life worthwhile in campus.

Stephen: I can say my fellow students made the learning experience worthwhile. All the teamwork did the trick.

Godfrey: My classmates because these are the people who became like family to me. They were always there for me whether in class related matters or when you needed some company to unwind over the weekend which made life easier and fun in JKUAT for me. The staff too because they were always there to guide, assist and push us to our limits, especially Mr. Muhia and Dr. Kihato. God bless you so much.


  • What are you up to currently as you await graduation

Godfrey: Basically trying to deal with reality that maisha huku nje ni ngumu. I have been applying for internships/jobs but I have recently ventured into the business of selling intelligent bulbs to make ends meet in the meantime.

Stephen: As I await graduation, I’m currently trying to figure out where I would like to be, in terms of the industry I would like join now that I am done with my degree.

Bilqis: I took a break first after the finals. Now I’m bettering my skills. Equipping myself with the necessary skills required in my field of study. I always aspire to get better at what I do.

And of course the job search.

  • Are you excited to be graduating? Will you miss the student life?

Stephen: Of course I’m excited to be graduating, I honestly will miss my student life though. But life must continue, right? You must explore other channels.

Bilqis: Yes I am excited about graduating. Finally! Another chapter of my life just started writing itself and I am eager to read through it.

I’ll miss some campus moments. Over the five years I made really close friends, some you learn lessons from and others just leave a mark.

Godfrey: Yes am really excited to be graduating, it’s a big milestone and new chapter in life. You can’t stay a student forever. But of course I will miss life in JKUAT a lot especially my classmates.

  • Best memory in JKUAT

Bilqis: When my dear classmates surprised me with gifts showing their appreciation for me being their class representative. I shed a tear…happy tears of course.

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Stephen: The day I completed my exams, fifth year second semester, I was excited beyond reason.

Godfrey: one that stands out is after presenting my final year project and passing. It felt so good to create something new, it was heavenly!!

  • What are your expectations after graduation? Employment/Career wise

Stephen: After graduation, I expect to find employment and pursue a career based on my field of study. I don’t plan to be employed for long though. I would like to be an employer someday too.

Godfrey: I’m not a big fan of employment, I want to be an employer and create jobs. So I’m planning to work for a few years to get the experience and capital then start my own engineering company and advance my education.

Bilqis: I’m expecting to get into some busy field. Get employment with a company that would appreciate my knowledge and skill and better it. One that would let me grow both as a person and career wise. Then finally go independent.

  • Do you see yourself going beyond an undergraduate degree in this same field or would you like to diversify?

Godfrey: I’m planning to do a masters in the engineering and another one in business which will help me in the entrepreneurial world.

Bilqis: I’d very much like to practice Electrical Engineering. Changing fields would be a waste in my opinion.

Stephen: I would like to diversify, I don’t plan to further much in this line of work, I’m still figuring out other channels that I can pursue. I can pretty well like to be a jack of all master trades.

  • Parting Shot:

Godfrey: Life in campus was great, the friends we made, the happy moments, the challenging moments…. all these experiences are the definition of what we become later life.  Campus is not only academics, it’s a life’s learning institution too. It molds you.

Let’s get out there and change the world, I will miss JKUAT!!

Bilqis: It was nice being in JKUAT. I learnt my lessons, grew, became better. All I would say is, be the best student you can be and always live in the present.

I’ll leave you with a book, ‘The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter and how to make the most of them now’ – Meg Jay

Stephen: I appreciate you people reaching out. It feels good to share one’s experience, especially campus life.

Peace brothers and sisters.

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