Roundup on JKUAT Endeavour graduates course

Students in one of the sessions

Saturday 27th was the last day of the JKUAT Endeavor, IT class. All the other weeks sailed smoothly as we didn’t encounter any problems; the students came on time most of the days and no technical hitch came up.

The Information pull class was a topic of interest as most of the students didn’t know that with Java you could create applications based on information from websites without having to talk to the owners to give you access to their database. The lab for this class was a bit challenging; it involved pulling information from a weather forecast site and formatting it such that it could later be send as a text message. So far the students are still trying to figure out the best way to do it.

The SMS class was well received and the students were impressed by the simplicity of creating such applications. A live demonstration was done; the students send a SMS requesting for quotes with the keyword being the individual you want a quote from. Nearly all the students tried it out and they can attest that it really worked. The challenge was now for the students to come up with applications which solve real world problems as the demonstration used was a simple application.

On the last day we taught J2ME. Since the students were now familiar with Java, this lesson turned out to be simpler than we thought. A live demonstration was also used using a student’s phone. The process of packaging and optimizing a J2ME application was taught. A comprehensive lab was also handed out; students were to create an application to be used to book buses online. They were provided with some Jar files and sample code. The other challenge was that the students were to research on how to connect to the internet and how to implement security in such applications as security nowadays is a major issue.

Lastly the students were reminded to work on their projects. The deadline was pushed forward to May as end of semester examinations are just looming around the corner.

At the end of it all we realized that the course was beneficial both to the students and the tutors; for the students the knowledge they gained would be beneficial as they can use it to make a living and for the tutors it was a great experience and it really helped us understand all the aspects of the first course and also refresh on the parts we had forgotten.

By Kennedy Kirui

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  • April 21, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    Good work Kirui!! I am happy to see this taking place.

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