Course of the Week- B.Sc. Animal Health, Production and Processing

We apologize for having not published this segment last week and for the delay in publishing this week.

We welcome ALL new students to Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, the home of Innovation, where we set trends in Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

Each week, we briefly introduce a program available in our University to all who may be interested in joining our institution and even to those who did not know what the program is about.

We highlight the minimum entry requirements, the course duration and the career prospects upon completion of said degree program.

And now to introduce this week’s course: Bachelor of Science, Animal Health Production and Processing.


This program is designed to produce graduates with skills in livestock health, production of livestock products and processing them to the finished products.

The degree program is offered under the Department of Animal Sciences housed under the Faculty of Agriculture in JKUAT.

The program takes four (4) academic years to complete.

The minimum entry requirements are:

A minimum aggregate of C+ (Plus) in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) and at least a minimum grade of C (plain) in each of the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics/Physics/Geography


C (plain) in each of the following subjects: Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematics/Geography and C (plain) in English/Kiswahili.

Alternatively, admission may also be granted to candidates with a Diploma in Animal Health/Animal Husbandry or Production/Diploma in Agriculture and related disciplines from a recognized institution or its equivalent.

Diploma Candidates with credit pass and above may be admitted into the second year of study, while those with pass will be admitted in into the first year of study.

Graduates in Animal Health Production and Processing are part of a huge industry.

Animal agriculture is a huge component of all the world’s economies employing large numbers of animal science graduates.

They are mainly absorbed in:

  • Relevant Government ministries such as Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock production
  • Agricultural Foundations
  • Consultants
  • Farms and Ranches
  • Feed Companies
  • Financial/Investment Services
  • Food Processing/Preparation
  • Individual Proprietors
  • Livestock Equipment Services
  • Livestock Firms
  • Research Laboratories
  • Systems Analysis
  • Veterinary Practices


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    thanks for info. kindly analyse agribusiness management distance learning module

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