JKUAT Christian Union: Samburu Mission 2024

Contribution By Peace Sunguti and Boniface Muthiini,

As the sun dipped low over the horizon, we felt a sense of purpose within just as it painted a golden rue over the rugged land of Samburu. We discovered we had been called for a reason. To be a beautiful foot, to land, to echo the gospel call where the sound of tradition and culture re-echoed against the hillsides of Kimani hills like ancient songs.

In obedience to our great commission, JKUATCU holds annual missions in different parts of the country. The society recently sent members to Sereolipi and Ndonyo Wasin villages in Samburu County. The students were there for a week-long mission that began 20th-29th April, Themed: Behold the Lamb of God (John 1: 36). Eagerly seeking the face of the Lord daily in prayer before setting out for door-to-door evangelism in the morning and crusades in the afternoon. The team also carried out mentorship sessions in both villages aimed at sensitizing the young people on matters of academics and Faith. The mission ended with a Mega crusade at Sereolipi on Sunday evening.

The missioners braved scorching sun and heavy rains as they crossed rivers entering village to village, learning and experiencing the beautiful Samburu culture firsthand.

JKUAT CU missioners cross rivers entering village to village, learning and experiencing the beautiful Samburu culture firsthand.
JKUAT CU missioners cross rivers entering village to village, while experiencing the beautiful Samburu culture firsthand.

Samburu civilization has held on to traditional practices despite modernity. The pastoral community grapples with several challenges such as early child marriages. Samburu people practice Judeo-African religious practices such as Animal sacrifice and Passover celebrations to God, ‘Enkai’. Their concept of God helped in presenting Christ as the sacrificial lamb and they could understand the Gospel.

Standing amidst the majestic Kemani hills, we couldn’t help but marvel at the handiwork of our Creator, whose glory was painted across the canvas of the earth. Here, amidst the whispers of the wind and rustle of acacia trees, we understood our mission; to radiate His light in a land hungry for HOPE.


The Samburu people receptive to the Gospel
The Samburu people receptive to the Gospel as they interact with the JKUAT CU team


Stepping into the unknown, and being greeted with culture shock, that only served to strengthen our resolve. The entire team, filled with enthusiasm was determined to illuminate the hearts of the Samburu people with the radiance of Christ’s love. For in the heart of Samburu, amidst its beautiful sand and hills; we saw reminders of our Father’s presence everywhere, that He too created the Hills as beautiful as Mt. Elgon. This was an experience beyond words, a journey of faith and discovery that left an incredible mark on our souls.

The Samburu people were very receptive to the Gospel. Their warm hands of hospitality ushered us to their homes. Some of the people heard the Gospel for the first time during the mission. High levels of illiteracy have hindered Bible reading despite the availability of New Testament Bibles in the local dialect. Local church members have however tried their best in translation, solving the language barrier problem. The local churches have a vibrant congregation which is mainly comprised of young people.

Bible study session with the vibrant youth in the community
Bible study session with the vibrant youth in the Samburu community

The missioners left behind donations such as clothes, food, cups, plates, and most importantly Audio Bibles in Samburu Language courtesy of BTL Kenya. The donations were collected during resource Mobilization by the JKUATCU Missions Committee.

Special thanks goes to all who supported us financially, materially, and prayerfully. JKUAT administration was truly resourceful and we as the Christian Union are truly grateful.  May the Lord, through His word work on the hearts of the people and align the culture with His word. Whether planting, watering, or harvesting, the Lord makes it grow.

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