JKUAT Elections 2020 – An Outline of the Electoral Process

The Jomo Kenyatta Students Association (JKUSA) Elections are here.  JKUSA members in each Department voted for the Delegates and the Congress from all electoral colleges in all JKUAT campuses on 12th February 2020. The top three candidates from each Department will go on to vote for the Main Students’ Council on 25th February, 2020.

The campaign fever is definitely in the air as the students get busy rallying up support for the next two weeks before the major elections. The available elected roles are: The Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary General, Academic Affairs Secretary, Sports and Entertainment Secretary and The Health, Catering and Accommodation Secretary.

List ResizedA number of debates have been scheduled as from the 13th February, 2020. On 13th February the Accommodation Secretary and Entertainment Secretary will hold their debate followed by The Academic Affairs Secretary and Finance Secretary on 14th February, last but certainly not the least will be the debates for the Secretary General and the President/ Chairperson.

The students’ Electoral Commissioners and clerks have taken up the responsibility of ensuring that word gets out to students on what to do during the elections. Walking around the campuses you can easily spot posters which educate and remind the voters to ensure they mark within the checkbox of their preferred candidates so as to avoid spoilt votes.

The commission has been working closely under the guidance of the Dean of Students’ office. Speaking to the Deputy Dean of Students, Dr. Fridah Wanzala, she indicated that they were working tirelessly to ensure that the elections run smoothly. Having provided all the candidates with the rules and regulations they should adhere to she believes there will be no hitches during this period. “I want to take this opportunity to wish all the candidates for the JKUSA 2020 all the best in this elections. I also want to thank the outgoing council for the good work they have done so far,” said Dr. Wanzala, the Deputy Dean of students.

She further emphasized that It’s is vital that students vote in these elections in order to make the Students’ Association the most democratic, representative, and effective institution it can be.  The elected students have the ability to drive change, by leading campaigns or organizing events. The elected officials can also steer the direction of their respective areas of influence in the society and advance the causes that they and their peers hold dear. An added advantage for the candidates is that being a member of the students’ council can certainly boost their employability depending on their track record.

Participation in the elections also allows students to experience the beauty of the democratic process. This is achieved through making your voice heard in the elections and engaging with the candidates. Find out how they can solve your problems and most importantly: Vote. The Students’ Association’s actions and policies have a profound effect on the way the university functions, the things we learn and the well being of the students. It is therefore vital that we vote in order to ensure that the Students’ Association works for us.

All the best to the candidates!! Remember your vote counts!!

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