Alumnus of the Week- Deejay/Photographer Ivan Kiragu (DJ Kerash)

Deejaying has always been an interesting  profession to many.

The ability to create a music mix that is perfectly blended, being able to match up the beats per minute (BPM) for all songs and to get people’s heads bobbing and their bodies swaying (voluntarily or otherwise) once they listen to that mix tape. You don’t just want people to listen to a bit of it, you want them to listen to the entire set, from start to finish.

You want them to yearn for more good music.

Starting out in this profession may not be quite the easy feat unless you know people who know more people who know most people..

The gigs may not necessarily be regular in the beginning, the money received  isn’t set in stone, it is more of a gentleman’s agreement so to speak and the hours…let’s just say you need to be more of a nocturnal being to survive.

Now add Photography to this crazy schedule..

Can you handle all that at a go?

On this week’s Alumni of the Week segment, we meet Mr. Kiragu Ivan or as he prefers; Kerash the DJ, a man who’s been able to balance the two and add a third to this interesting blend of businesses, a clothing line!

Talk of being passionate and loving what do you do for a living!


Who are you and what do you do professionally?

I’m Ivan Kiragu and I’m a Deejay and a Photographer and I also have a Clothing line.


What did you study at JKUAT and why did you choose this particular program?

I joined JKUAT in 2013,  did DBIT (A Diploma in Business Information Technology) and eventually graduated in November 2014.

I chose this program specifically because I was really into Business and IT so I wanted a course that could merge both areas of study.


What gave JKUAT the competitive edge for you to make it your University of Choice?                      

I liked JKUAT because it’s a widely recognized Technology Institution.                    

JKUAT is a very nice place to study in, the environment is so cool plus its location along the Thika Super Highway makes it even more convenient.


Why a Deejay?                       

I started Deejaying when I joined JKUAT because I loved the art plus, JKUAT gave me a good platform where I would play at various events held within the University.



Photography has always been a passion of mine so I basically combined the two and made a business out of it.


Did you get any professional training for either?                         

I didn’t  get a any professional training, I learnt everything I know by doing a tonne of research and a whole lot of practice to get better at it.  


What do you love the most about what you do and what are the setbacks of your profession?

I love Deejaying because I get the chance to interact with people from all walks of life. It’s always so much fun entertaining a huge crowd.

Photography I really enjoy because I can capture awesome moments and share them with so many people.


My Diploma in BIT has helped me run and manage my business effectively. I am currently working on a website of my own that will help me market my business to a much bigger audience.


Would you recommend JKUAT to anyone?

Yes because it’s one of the Best Institutions with great facilities and a good learning environment.


Best memories from JKUAT?

During events and trips.                         

Alafu when going for exam cards and the long queue at Finance…  


Parting shot:

JKUAT is the best no doubt!


Find him on Facebook: DJ Kerash

Twitter: @djkerash

Instagram: @djkerash / KPics 254

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