Course of the Week- B.Sc Computer Technology

Computer Technology is essential to the effective operations of industry and commerce from large multinational organizations through to small companies. Programmed and programmable systems are now commonplace in both industry and commerce with substantial growth forecast worldwide.Programmable systems require a broad knowledge of software techniques.

This degree offered by the School of Information and Computing (SCIT) at JKUAT, is designed to equip students with knowledge of software, data communications and the foundations of electronic systems along with microprocessor design and programming languages. The course is designed to equip graduates for entry into the computing industry as computer systems designers, engineers, and integrators.

Emphasis is placed on both the hardware and software aspects of computing, giving an integrated view of computers as systems in a way found in few other courses.


Course Objectives

  • Practically based using industry_standard hardware and software
  • Opportunity to combine hardware knowledge with software development skills
  • Committed to keeping abreast of latest technologies
  • Supported by excellent learning and computer laboratory facilities
  • The program offers you the opportunity to understand the mathematical and technological foundations of software

Course Requirements

  • K.C.S.E; Aggregate C+(plus) and average grade C+(plus) in one of the following subject combinations:
  1. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
  2. Mathematics, Physical Science, Biological Science
  • KACE/GCE (‘A’ level); A Principal pass in Mathematics or Physics plus one other principal pass from a recognized Institution.
  • Diploma in Computer Technology, Computer Science, Information Technology, or in any other relevant diploma with a credit pass from an Institution recognized by the Senate.
  • Any other qualifications deemed by the Senate to be equivalent to the above.

The course takes four (4) academic years to complete.

Graduates will have a flexible approach to problem-solving through an appreciation of the interface between hardware and software in computer or other digital systems.

Careers are majorly in the area of Software and Programming:

  • Software Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Technical Writing,
  • Technical Support
  • Web Design



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