Emerging Digital Skills for Job Market

Digital Skills are essential for success in today’s digital economy. They are an important component of modern societies, economies, education, and job market. In the framework of globalization, digital skills are becoming more extensive and are considered essential for securing professional employment all over the world.

On Wednesday 19th October 2022, a team from Moringa School, Brighter Monday, and SOMA connect in partnership with Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology(JKUAT) held the first edition of a joint digital campus tour workshop intending to help students traverse the global digital skills space to prepare for the job market. The facilitators in the workshop whose theme was “Enriching Digital Skills in the Job Market”, shared their vast knowledge based on their experiences in digital media.

Ms. Dorothy Kahenya, HoD Social media and Customer relations JKUAT addressing the audience and welcoming the guests during the workshop.
Ms. Dorothy Kahenya, HoD Social media and Customer relations JKUAT welcomes the group from Moringa School, Brighter Monday and SOMA connect during the workshop.

The workshop was organized and hosted by the Social Media and Customer Relations (SMCR) Department, JKUAT. Ms. Dorothy Kahenya, Head of the Social Media and Customer Relations Department, JKUAT, emphasized the importance of knowing what professionals are doing in their respective fields in Industry and learning from them. “What Brighter Monday, Moringa School, and SOMA are doing is very important. When you have a basic degree, what matters most is learning through self-development, familiarizing yourselves with the current trends and learning from those already in the field.”

The workshop served as a great eye-opening session for the students. It served as a boost for students’ engagement, which helped them better understand information and communicate their knowledge in visually and digitally compelling ways. Digital skills mainly help students who are proficient with digital tools and can easily differentiate themselves during the job application process. They can create media-rich resumes and showcase their brands with e-Portfolios of their work.

Some of the digital skills discussed included cyber and data security, a critical skill for employees to understand how to minimize the risks of cyber-attacks and safeguard their employer’s data, Digital problem solving where data is often at the heart of digital problem-solving and how to manipulate the data to enable data driven decision making, Social media for business and digital Marketing.

From personal to professional use, digital marketing is a dynamic field that offers marketers the opportunity to connect directly with customers without the noise of social media, keeping people informed, connected, and updated. Professionally, well-executed digital marketing strategies have spurred business growth in various sectors due to increased visibility.

The Q&A session where the panelists got to engage with the students. 
The Q&A session where the panelists got to engage with the students.


In this era of advanced skill-set and technology, where clients are flooded with marketing messages all the time, it is very hard for a business idea to progress efficiently without marketing. That’s why you need a good marketing technique,” highlighted Mr. Dennis Githinji the telesales manager at brighter Monday.

Employees in the digital marketing industry are constant learners, they must be conversant with new technology, social media, software and hardware, as well as new marketing tactics, to be successful. Every marketer needs to learn how to exploit digital marketing resources, tools, and techniques to enhance their customer value propositions and help achieve their organizational goals.

Industry recruiters took the students through some tips on resume writing and equipped them with knowledge on how to transition into tech jobs irrespective of their background or first degree.

The chief guest, Madam Eunie Khimulu, Chief Commercial Officer, Alfluence Inc. addresses the students during the workshop
The chief guest, Madam Eunie Khimulu, Chief Commercial Officer, Alfluence Inc. addresses the students during the workshop

“Learning the business and technical side of technology is key. In everything you do, always be ready to think, prepare, and rehearse. Keep learning and use it as a key resource for growing. We can use tech in any sector as every role is tech incorporated,” said the guest speaker, Madam Eunie Khimulu, Chief Commercial Officer, Alfluence Inc.

The panel session on the emerging digital skills for the job market was a long-waited opportunity for the students to hear from some of the top professional in the digital-tech space.

The afternoon was well spent with the panelists sharing their priceless insights with the students, with gender equality being a vital aspect that was highlighted to encourage ladies to apply for Tech related jobs. Among the facilitators was Mr. Harun Wangereka, a Google developer expert who shared his wealth of experiences with the students and asked them to make use of their free time while on campus to form small teams where they can work on projects thus improving their problem solving and programming skills.

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