Creating hope Through Action: World Suicide Prevention Day 2022

“Tell me how you feel,
Cause I wanna know ”

It’s all we left to say once another one goes
It’s sad 😔 we taking count once one is gone
And its even harder taking into account when alive
Cause we’ve grown so tough we hide our pain in
Only for it to consume us like the darkness it is
And we left with more questions than answers

We’ve lost too many to it already
But still some more go, deep they sink
And for sure something is wearing them down
But we too busy to see it,
It’s like a rolling stone that’s too fast to get hold
Like a habit that’s now getting out of hand

It’s a sad tale we keep telling ourselves
A story that no one wants to read
With communities viewing it differently
With people taking different sides
While all that’s happening is we stalling
Not actually dealing with what cripples us

I feel that maybe if things were different
Where we’d share things and get an ear
Where no body laughs when you make a wrong
Where a kid is taught its okay being just the way you are
Instead of comparing kids to what we think is right
Cause some battles are better fought right from the start

Listen more to your kids as they talk
Listen even in the silence of their actions
Create time and just enjoy time together,
Instead of always wanting to know what it’s in their life
At times all they need is the warmth and comfort
So that it comes from them to actually share

Let them know it’s okay to have moments of weakness
That it’s okay not to always have it
And that at times things might go wrong
Show them how to deal even in pain
That there’s always a right side that’s left
For even storms come to pass and it shines again

The PO£T
Humphrey Haj

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