The Promise of a ‘Heaven’ in the University

By Poet Dismas Okombo

Maybe it is now quite clear to you that the promise of a heaven in the
University was just a well-conceived plan by our High School teachers
to shove us out of our comfort zones. Or maybe you have discovered that
indeed Uni is flowing with milk and honey. You are now a ka-celeb of
every wild party; learnt and mastered the ‘art’ of puffing and you
dive into everything the flesh craves. Or, maybe you and I are in
between. We loath the awfulness of sup (supplementary) but cannot
resist the hyped atmosphere of raves. We are in between, honestly
wanting to be at per with class work, at the same time dance and be
drunk all day and night. We are in between, frantic to please our new
friends, desperate to fix ourselves into the crowd. We are in between,
fervently trying to be responsibly independent.

When we are alone and sober, when the excitement of peer influence
that mire our judgement wanes. We are bound to realize how Campus can
be a very hectic place when our lives and plans always come second to
‘the urge of fitting in’. Unfortunately, such moments of
self-meditations are triggered with blank pages of the exam papers and
we are to consult a blank mind. As a ritual, we will conjure up these
tight promises and leave the room, albeit without answering anything,
motivated to drastically change our approach to studies. Three days
later, all is forgotten except to merry and before we know it, we are
back in the exam room. This cycle is irritating and one which traps
us in our own selves.

Then you also have this lecturer who you consider punctual to a fault,
And who always immensely enjoy monologue during his lessons! Of His
name you ain’t sure, whether Prof. Peter or Pitah, anyway that is
none of your business, or so you say to yourself.

It is two weeks into the semester but the mention of his class spreads wrinkle all over
your face . In fact, the class-members have already held a diplomatic
meeting on WhatsApp group and officially declared him boring to death.
You are now convinced that the lecturer’s aim is to fail you!
Hey, wait. Why take things personally?  Lecturers have their share of
imperfections; not immune to err
Again, remember, you are in charge of
your life. What others do, don’t do, say or don’t say should never
your focus blur.

Valuing others far more than our own self is a convention in the
society we should be conscious about. I hold nothing
against generosity or courtesy, only that the society have secretly
demanded too much for so long! We are programmed to keep our friends
happy and to please those who are around us, unfortunately the society
have failed to nurture assertiveness. And so, we tend to stay in
‘parasitic relationship’ as long as everybody is happy, but us. We are
greatly disadvantaged if we hold onto this law in Campus. Therefore,
know that there is nothing wrong; in fact, it is in order to put
yourself first. Be authentic, accepting and respecting yourself; feel
free to walk away when what you deserve is no longer being served. Set
limits, your life is your territory to man.

Maybe it is now quite clear to you that the promise of a ‘heaven’ in
the university was indeed a true promise. Although one which depends
on your perception and how you have decided to enjoy your stay in the
campus. We would have appreciated the fact earlier but we were still
in between. In between, busying ourselves with the happiness of
others. In between confused with the laws of the society. We were
still slaves in the hell of ‘in between’, taking things personally!
Salvation from the hell of ‘in between’ is not limited to the above
measures, there’s so much we can do but the best and the immediate one
is to always do our best.


4 thoughts on “The Promise of a ‘Heaven’ in the University

  • April 15, 2017 at 7:53 am

    Fantastic piece Dismas. Highlighting the typical hype and excitement surrounding campus life. Mabash hapa kule.

  • April 14, 2017 at 6:19 pm

    Good one Bro

  • April 14, 2017 at 9:27 am

    this is nice Dismas.. you taking poetry to the next level.. am loving this. all the best.

  • April 14, 2017 at 7:19 am

    Every word has life in it to that who will read in between the likes… Kudos poet Dismas love your work

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