International Women’s Day 2021: Let’s all choose to challenge

Clara Zetkin must be smiling down on us

Cause all it took was for her to have an idea

An idea that’s now a reality that’s driving change

For with each year we empowering our women


We showing our women that it’s possible

Possible not only to dream but achieve

Cause they’re no seats reserved on the table

Hence anyone that gets the cut has to leave


For a time of change is upon us

We setting an example to our generation

That it’s all upon us

To build an equality nation


And the road might be long

Tiring to most people I know

But if our hearts remain strong

Then our efforts will soon show


She’d be so proud of us

Looking at how the families grown

From advocates to mentors who push us

To achieve an equal future for our own


The PO £T

Humphrey Haj

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