JKUAT Scrabble: Benefitting students by developing their critical thinking, social and personal skills.

By Dianne Patience,

Games are supposed to be fun at the heart of it, and that is exactly where scrabble is. The game has been around for a long time and it still receives positive reviews from people of all ages. JKUAT scrabble is a well-established society in the institution and has been instrumental in developing students socially and academically.

The team has participated in many tournaments in Kenya organized by Scrabble Kenya (KASA), which is the official body governing the professional game of scrabble in Kenya. There are 12 or more national competitions in the scrabble year calendar.  These tournaments are held in various counties in Kenya like Nairobi, Nyeri and Kisumu etc. Once the tournaments are done players are picked to represent their countries in the Regional championships for Africa and later on proceed to the World Scrabble Championships. Fortuitously, Kenya has always been among the top two in ranking at the Regional championships for Africa.

Students playing scrabble during their free time at the main campus.
Students playing scrabble during their free time at the main campus.

Many students have in the past complained of how studies are difficult and stressful. JKUAT Scrabble provides an escape by calming one’s mind and ideally reducing the stress accompanied with studying. Sitting down with some of the players, it is quite evident that the game is a crucial part of their lives in the University. Some of the benefits they listed include:

  • Reducing stress by relaxing one’s mind after a taxing day in class
  • Expanding ones’ vocabulary.
  • It helps the students develop their intellectual abilities.
  • It helps them improve their emotional wellbeing and personal confidence.
  • It improves creativity.
  • Developing and improving concentration.
  • It teaches one to think strategically and encourages social cooperation and bonding between individuals.

Aside from all this, the society has been able to benefit from the tournaments by getting opportunities to network with other players from different societies around the world.

The University has been quite supportive in aiding the clubs activities. “The university chips in financially so that we can attend tournaments in our vicinity like Nyeri, Murang’a or Nairobi. All we do is submit the schedule for the year, which normally comes out in September for early preparations,” said Chris the JKUAT Scrabble trainer who happens to be an Alumnus of JKUAT.

Students who wish to join the club can contact the club officials through any of the contacts in the poster below. The club also meets daily at Cedar Park and any interested member is welcome to join. The team is always willing to train new members on how to play the game.

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