Happy Father’s Day

And when anybody asks of me,
Tell them I’m my Father’s son,
A father so fond of me,
That the sun rises & set’s on me.

For he’s proud of me,
Proud of what I’ve become,
For in all his years with me,
He’s helped mold what I’ve become.

I might be a little off,
Cause no one can ever have two alike,
But they’ve not seen what we made of,
We made of the same principles, we so much alike.

For he treads in calm waters,
And soothes like the ocean breeze,
And as I walk in the same waters,
I find my way with ease.

For he’s gone before me,
And laid out a path I now follow,
Cause he’s ever watching over me,
So I have no worries of where I follow.

And everyday he calls me,
To check upon my strides,
And that always reminds me,
That I’m safe in his confides.

The PO £T
Humphrey Haj

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